Yoga with Corina

Self Reflections of a Yoga Teacher:

What if I ask myself what is a meaningful class right here right now, not which class gets students in the door, but which class will benefit us all when students leave the door.

There are a few questions I ask to guide myself:

Is there enough education to keep students safe while not being so intellectual that we start thinking about the experience more than being in the experience?

Is the class challenging enough to be engaging?

Is there enough guidance so students don’t feel lost, but have enough quiet time and freedom to connect with their own experience?

Is there enough time to build community without it becoming a therapy session?

Does it encourage self-awareness, leaving it open to the individual to develop their spiritual practice as they see fit?

My goal is to offer what I’ve learned, what I’ve experienced and present it to the unique condition of the student and the feel of the group class. Teaching for me is a balancing act. I try to stay true to the actual teachings while being sensitive to and letting the needs of the students guide me.

My intention is to teach in a way that nourishes all of us, to offer what I know as skillfully as I can and meet my students where they are on any given day. When the end comes and I look back at how I’ve spent my time, will I smile? This is what I ask myself.

Photo:  Willow Creek Grasses by Roger Burns

"Corina is an excellent yoga instructor because of her knowledge of yoga and her kind, loving spirit. She takes her time in instruction and helps the student in a hands-on approach, adjusting as necessary. I like the way Corina "invites" you to do the postures always at the individual's comfort and capacity. My body, my spirit always feel better, more open and energized after her yoga classes." - Betty

"It has been such a treat to be allowed to benefit from your well thought out yoga lessons! Wishing you all the best and hoping to be in your presence again." - Helga