Yoga with Corina

Welcome to Yoga with Corina.

I offer classes, workshops and private lessons in Graton, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County and Russian River areas.

Congratulations on your pursuit of yoga, whether for the first time or simply exploring more deeply!

I teach in the Viniyoga style that focuses on meeting the unique condition of the individual. Using pose adaptations, you can find your own integrity in the poses. Besides the physical level, Viniyoga addresses your needs on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. We follow the breath through the body and, ultimately, follow the mind through the breath.

Gary Kraftsow, director of the Viniyoga Institute tells us about his teacher, Desikachar, "He taught me that I was not teaching students to do yoga techniques correctly, but that I was teaching them how to use yoga techniques to help them understand and transform themselves. My job, he told me, was to see the student’s needs and interests, meet them where they were, and provide appropriate and accessible tools to help them move from where they were to where they wanted to go".

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On-going Classes:

Wednesdays - 9:00 - 10:30am

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Saturdays - 9:00 - 10:30am

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"When I retired nearly two years ago, I began exploring yoga and trying various instructors. While all from whom I took classes were skilled and devoted, Corina stood apart for her ability to motivate, to seamlessly blend the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the practice, and to tailor movements and poses to the individual needs of her students. And somehow she makes it all simultaneously inspirational and fun. Yoga, and Corina’s classes, continue to enrich my experience." - Robert

"I learned... the benefits of linking movement with the breath. I'm a yoga newbie, and I had always thought yoga was about stretching, flexibility, and strength. It is obviously much, much more." - John

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On Demand classes now available through Vimeo

In-Person Hybrid Class Begins

Wednesdays 9-10:30 am

May 24 and May 31: Graton Community Club

In June, we move back to Stone Creek Zen Center

(Bring a friend for free in May!)

3rd Saturday 9 - 10:30 am

June 17: Graton Community Club


8 class card - $120

(4 month expiration)

Monthly - 4 class series and videos - $60

Drop in - $18

*Please, pay before class to be admitted.

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