Yoga with Corina

Private Yoga:

You may be drawn to private lessons because you are new to yoga and want to learn at your own pace. Or you may have an injury or condition that requires individual attention or special care. Some people are simply interested in deepening their practice. Others use the support and guidance of private lessons to anchor themselves in establishing a personal home practice.

Group classes can motivate us and help us feel connected to a community, but a personal practice empowers us to be independent and develop a way to tune in and nurture ourselves on a regular basis anywhere, anytime without being reliant on a teacher.

Through private lessons, I select practices that would best serve your needs whether focusing on the structure of your body, your organ systems or balancing your emotional condition (depression, anxiety). I create a customized routine for each individual, which is modified over time as the needs of the student evolve. As stand alone lessons or in tandem with group classes, private sessions empower individuals to progress at their own pace toward their own chosen goals.

In the first lesson, information will be collected about each individual’s needs and wishes so that a tailored practice may be created. Personalized practices may include yoga postures, the use of sound, breath adaptations and meditation. You will receive a detailed drawing of the sequence created for you to take home. Subsequent lessons may refine, deepen and evolve the practice as needed.


First Lesson (1h 45 min): In this lesson, I collect information to customize a practice, guide you through it and offer a written sequence for personal use): $115

Subsequent lesson (75 minutes): $90

Series of four subsequent lessons (75 minutes each): $340 ($85/4x)

You can also schedule your private lesson online using Zoom at your convenience. I will guide you and create a home practice for your ongoing yoga support as maintenance or during any stressful time in life.

Photo:  Goat Rock Wildflowers by Roger Burns

"My body and I thank you for your sensitive teaching!" - Carol

"Taking yoga classes with Corina has made me realize that I can make the movement work for me in my aging body rather than forcing myself in to poses that aren't truly going to help me.  This is a great place to realize that yoga can vastly improve our quality of life." - Michele

"I so appreciate all the wisdom you’ve shared during our nearly 5 year yoga journey together and especially all the wisdom and guidance you’ve shared on this journey with my hip. I am deeply grateful for the 1:1 privates with you and have found all the custom series you’ve put together for me super helpful as I managed my condition and also as I’ve prepped for surgery. The guidance you’ve given me around the surgery and recovery has also been invaluable and I feel calm, strong and prepared for tomorrow’s procedure and for the journey of healing and strengthening that lies ahead in the coming months." - Kate